“What is a Christian?”

During a discipleship meeting, one young man peppered us with questions about some harder parts of the Bible. During our time sharing with him, it became clear that some of his questions revealed that he was not quite settled on who Jesus was. 

Questions about the apocalyptic future, life after death, consciousness and time, were pondered when it became apparent that the heavier and more weighty question was really his to answer: 

What is a Christian and how do you know you are one? 

We gently brought this question to him and after he thought for some time and attempted answering this question, it became clear -even to him- that perhaps he did not know. 

Gratefully, instead of being discouraged about not knowing or answering a question wrong, the look in his face more than suggested that he was ready to learn. 

We ask for prayers over this young man as he continues wrestling with this question- that Jesus would give him a revelation of Himself!

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