People Still want Prayer

Prayer? How many people would come forward to ask for prayer if you had a booth at a city event? What kind of people would come forward?

That was the question we were asking last month when we set up a booth at the Heritage City Parade in Placentia. At this event, thousands of people attended, and we were all excited that people came up to our booth and asked us to pray.

I loved it when two young boys, at separate times,  came up and asked for prayer. One asked for prayer for his soccer team to win their games. The other boy asked us to pray for Israel. This young boy was leading his mother and telling her he wanted to pray for Israel. 

Jesus says, “Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:34). Wow! Seeing these young boys gives me hope: even young (8-10 years old) boys are interested in prayer! 

 Is God  stirring the next generation? We also prayed with many adults, like the ones in the picture. We prayed with HIS House Homeless Shelter and Placentia’s leaders. They were asking for prayer for the people who they were helping. They prayed for the recovery, jobs, and the families of individuals in their shelter.

The prayer booth was staffed by North County Project and some local Placentia pastors, and we were available to meet, talk, and pray for a dozen people. I was so blessed to minister alongside these pastors. 

One of our missions is prayer. At North County Project, we value prayer and partnering with churches to reach non-believers and disciple believers. 

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