What Do Apprentices do?

NCP Apprentices focus on sharing their faith and making disciples on college campuses or other strategic locations together with an experienced mentor.

The apprenticeship includes:

Evangelism at strategic locations.

Discipling new believers.

Teaching new disciples how to evangelize/do Bible Dialogues.

Shepherding and multiplying Disciple-Making Communities.

Engaging in spiritual direction and communication with the apprenticeship director.

Inspiring and equipping the Church to confidently obey the Great Commission.

Apprenticeships vary from 5 to 30 hours per week, depending on your availability.


  • You will acquire an array of new outreach ministry skills. 
  • You will receive personal spiritual development coaching.
  • You will learn how to develop partners in ministry.
  • You will have the opportunity to explore permanent ministry as part of the NCP team.

How can I learn more about the Apprenticeship Journey?

Contact Apprenticeship Director Nick Ward:


  • Completed DMC 1-2 or demonstrated skills in prior ministries
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to engage with the undiscipled and unchurched 
  • Be willing to experiment with new ways of sharing the good news and engaging people 
  • Be Teachable and committed to working as part of a community team

Previous Apprentices

Tiffany Yi

The Lord greatly blessed me with an internship with NCP and taught me many great things through the experience. Of those, the biggest lessons include leadership and the value of my personal testimony. Prior to my internship, I was uncomfortable being in leadership positions where I’d be seen as the authority. Adding in my feeling of inadequacy to teaching anyone about the Bible, I knew this internship was going to be a tough challenge. But over the months, He stretched me and healed my understanding of what it meant to be a leader through the example of Jesus and mentors/leaders in NCP. The use of sharing my testimony invited people into a safe space of connection where they can think about and discuss spirituality, vulnerably and honestly. This in turn led to further conversations about the Gospel, Christianity, and the Bible which led to salvation and a relationship with the Father.

Daniel Shepherd

What I learned through my apprenticeship with NCP was that “ministry” isn’t reserved for pastors and missionaries but meant to be a rhythm of life. The internship helped equip us with tools and friends to rely on.

Kristen Shepherd

Through my apprenticeship with NCP God showed me how He is working in the lives of those around me. The internship gave us practical, fun, Holy Spirit dependent tools to participate and engage in His Great Commission.

Chase Erickson