Our Ministries

Be. Think. Do.

Jesus told his disciples to go make disciples. And they did. They showed others how to be like Jesus, think like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. That is the essence of disciple-making. We do this in three ways:

Disciple-making Communities

Life in Christ happens best in community. We start DMCs regularly as a “greenhouse” environment for Christians who want to understand how to live life as followers of Jesus. Have you been looking for a community to thrive in?

Bible Dialogues

We find that one easy way to introduce unchurched people to Jesus is by reading the book of Mark together. Want to learn more?

Prayer Walks

We have learned an important truth: prayer provides the foundation for all significant ministry. Prayer walking opens community doors and connects us with the spiritually curious. We’d love to show you how . . .


We have structured our apprenticeships around hands-on ministry: sharing the good news personally and making disciples.