Praying for Our Cities and Communities

One of our emphases at North County Project is Prayer Walking. Prayer Walking takes the
church outside our four walls and connects us with our community. Recently, Alan announced
that we could train others how to Prayer Walk their neighborhood or community. A local pastor

Alan set up a meeting and asked me to join him. The pastor asked three of his leaders to sit in
as well. At the conclusion, they all agreed God wanted them to try it.
A couple weeks later, the pastor called and asked me to model Prayer Walking with him. That
Wednesday, we started.

From that first Prayer Walk he continued the experiment. The pastor expressed excitement at
the change already occurring at his church. He reported, “I had an encouraging prayer walk on
Saturday morning with one of our younger Elders. The street that our church is on was having a
community yard sale. We met several people and made positive connections with our
neighbors! Once again, the power of prayer was evidenced because the members who couldn’t
make it were praying for us. He added, “In my own neighborhood, I’ve had some encouraging
times recently as well. Yesterday I ran into a couple of guys that I’ve been getting to know, and
we talked for 40 minutes. As they learned that I am a pastor they became interested in the
Bible. I am encouraged to keep on going!”

We pray for the day when hundreds or thousands of Christians consider it normal to walk the
streets of their neighborhood and pray for those around them. We look forward to hearing
many stories of believers stopping to pray for someone they meet while walking—and seeing
God work through their prayers.

Thank you for partnering with us to make these kinds of opportunities possible. If you would
like to learn how to prayer walk your own neighborhood, drop me a note!
–Ken Schemmer

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