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“And when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then rouse yourself, for then the LORD has gone out before you to strike down the army of the Philistines.” – 2 Samuel 5:24

I wrote last about our influence and how our presence matters. You can read about my reflections on this topic here: Influence. If you were at all impacted by the points of my reflection on our influence, how much more does your presence matter when you JOIN GOD!

Join me down this thought process, will you?

We all want to do great things for God but often, when we consider the enormity of the task before us, fear can cause us to wither. But what if God does not expect us to do great things for Him? Seriously. What if our hype is our own thought process…What if God simply wants us to join in where He is already at work? 

I know! You are flooded with great Bible references of “being more than conquerers, and strength in weakness, and our faith perfected through trials…” these are all true and good and perfect. But join me for a moment as we take a look at those that JOINED GOD….

Balsam Tree is a tree or fern in Israel. It is also known as a “broom tree” for its sweeping look and nature. When the wind blows it makes a soft whisper sound.

David, the newly crowned king of Israel, no sooner united his people when his enemies attacked -repeatedly. David did not charge after them, however, rather he asked God if he should (v. 23). God told David to wait until he heard the “marching in the tops of the balsam trees, then rouse yourself for the Lord has gone out before you…” Instead of trying to make things happen David waited on God and joined Him. He lied down and rested, joining God is the period of waiting. Have you ever thought of waiting as an act of joining God? We often, myself included, often jump to action when I think of “following God.” But, when David waited he was joining God. He wa being PRESENT in his walk with God. To God be the glory.

Billy Graham was an renowned evangelist leading many “Billy Graham Crusades”
Charles Finney lead the Second Great Awakening in 1800’s

Do you believe God is looking for a new Billy Graham or Charles Finney to launch a revival in America, and you may be it? We’ve all had those wild dreams. But, let me be frank for a moment. I suspect the next revival will be driven and sustained by many anonymous, Spirit-attentive believers who look for people and places where God has “gone out before” them. Your influence is often not found in the doing, but in the staying… let me explain.

Instead of doing things for God, revival will occur when leaders will join God where He is already at work. It is a case of disciples making disciples. A case of something born out of being present. A case of making friends. Our world labels this networking, but it is simply sharing your life with one another. This revival will move under the radar relentlessly, humbly, and without fanfare – except for the “marching in the balsam trees” telling disciple-makers where to go next. God has gone out before you. You will get the praise, but to God be the glory!

Enter the dialogue of the Bible through daily reading and prayer.

This is a good season to pray and ask God where the Holy Spirit is at work around us and to join in the Spirit’s mission. Do I take time to pray and discern where God is working among my family friends and neighbors? Am I present enough in my talks with God to hear when he says wait until I have “gone out before you”.

Join God this month. Share with us how it has impacted your walk with him, your friendships, and your faith! I’d love to hear from you. Comment here or on 

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