Humility in Discipleship

I’m 34 weeks pregnant ( homestretch) and have been continually reminded during this pregnancy that humility is an important character quality to grow in.

Whether it’s having a conversation with someone and choosing to actively listen and engage with a person and not a stance, or asking for help from God and others when I desperately need it, the invitation is always there!

Having hyperemesis gravidarum has been a completely humbling experience. I thought I would be in the clear by now, but unfortunately a lot of my sickness came back and I find myself needing help- yet again!

Fortunately, Jesus has reminded me time and time again that He is my help and will provide help- I just need to humble myself and ask.

A couple of days ago, my three year old daughter demanded that I lay down and let her take care of me. At first, I hesitated as I’m her parent and I didn’t want her to feel bad for me. However, after she took my hand and led me to her bed, I accepted the invitation of rest.

Not only did she tuck me in, read me a couple of stories, and bring me water, she even said a prayer for me! She was happy to be of service and to be honest, it was actually helpful and brought me joy.

God brings humility upon us through a myriad of different circumstances- especially through little ones!

What area in your life is Jesus inviting you into humility?

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