Feel Unprepared?

Have you ever thought about God’s confidence in you? My firstborn started preschool a couple of weeks ago and I spent some time worrying in my mom heart. “ Did I prepare her well enough?” Sure enough, that first day I anticipated tears and separation anxiety for nothing. My daughter enthusiastically ran into her classroom and yelled, ” Bye mom and dad!” I felt Jesus speak to my heart in that moment: ” I have confidence in you, will you have confidence in your daughter?”

This experience made me think about ministry and discipleship with Jesus. There are many times that God wants to do something new in us- and leads us to step out in faith and trust in Him. 

When the disciples started doing ministry with Jesus, he introduced them to a new way. He is the way . I’m sure they were hesitant and had worries in their hearts. However, after partnering with Jesus and seeing the incredible things he was doing, it produced confidence and trust in their relationship with Him.

Where does Jesus want to partner with you in ministry and discipleship? It may be something you feel that you aren’t prepared for, but take a deep breath- Jesus has confidence in you as you partner with Him.

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