Disciple-Making: The Centrality of Prayer

Some may wonder why we emphasize the role of prayer in the disciple-making process. It’s simple:
nothing significant happens in ministry without an undergirding of prayer. A recent example:
Last Sunday in my prayer time, I asked God to provide me with some new Bible Dialogue contacts since I
had no dialogues in process. Later that morning at Amigos, a woman approached me and explained that
her adult son had spent a few years struggling—and losing—but that this morning he had told her he
“needed God.” He then asked if she could help him find someone to talk with. “Would you be willing to
meet with him?” She asked. God had answered my prayer quickly!

I gave her my phone number and told her to have him call me. (We find that asking the inquirer to take
the first step helps us discern who is truly seeking.) I continued to pray, knowing that the decision to
seek God often provokes opposition. It took him a week but “Frank” finally reached out to me; we are
meeting today (Friday).

Please pray with me that “Frank” understands the good news of Jesus and opens himself up fully to God.

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