All chips on Jesus

After finishing a DMC at CSUF this past Monday morning, I walked around campus and prayed. Before I left, I felt inclined to go to a certain area on campus. To my surprise, I met a young man who wasn’t on his phone and didn’t have earphones in (I was shocked); he was also writing something.

 After inquiring a bit about him and what he was writing I learned that *Luke* was a freshman on campus and looking to change his life. I shared my story with him about how I met Jesus on campus as a freshman and how He changed my life. He looked at me  with a look of surprise equal to that of which I initially gave him and remarked:

 “You know, I have been on the fence about Jesus and have been thinking about him a lot lately…do you think that God gives people signs?”

 I said that I knew God did and that Jesus had allowed us to meet today – he quickly took up pen and paper and asked me what he should begin reading in the Bible. I told him to read about Jesus in the gospels and to ask Jesus to teach him and so he wrote down “Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” as well as my number before we concluded our conversation.

In my heart at the time, I had really wanted to invite *Luke* into a Bible Dialogue, but I heard Jesus whisper “just point him to Me, I will teach him.” 

That’s what I did. I learned  that my hesitancy to point him to Jesus directly was about my wanting to “help God.” Instead, I concluded that putting all my chips on Jesus and His sufficiency was probably the better move. 

Lord, help me to trust that You are sufficiently able to reveal Yourself- help me get out of the way!

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