The Lab is the third stage in the disciple-making community journey. We created it specifically for those who sense a call to a more intentional focus on ministry.

According to Dr. Bobby Clinton, 70% of young leaders who start in ministry will not finish well. His research indicates the main reason for this is a lack of intimacy with God. Their “roots” are simply not strong enough to survive the storms of opposition—or the temptations—one faces occasionally in ministry. We want to address that!

The Being

Participants experience deep relationships, open conversations, intentional spiritual formation and hands-on ministry. Besides spending time with our Directors, Alan and Barbara Amavisca, Lab participants will start and facilitate their own Disciple-Making Communities under the coaching of one of our NCP missionaries.

The Doing

Lab participants go deep with Jesus, acquire core ministry skills, and develop life-long relationships with others in The Lab in order to flourish in ministry. This is accomplished as we spend time together eating and discussing how to make disciples over God’s Word and in prayer.

NOTE: There is a small fee for the Lab to cover the cost of meals.

The Hope

What happens after someone graduates from the Lab? We invest in Lab participants in order to increase the likelihood that they will finish well—whatever their vocation. We seek to cultivate a life of devotion to Jesus, and a foundational understanding of what Holy Spirit empowered ministry looks and feels like. We emphasize living transparently and authentically – valuing accountability in order to avoid the pitfalls of autonomous leadership. In addition, participation in The Lab is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to become an NCP