The second leg of the Disciple-Making Community journey centers on Jesus’ call to represent and proclaim Him to those around us

The Being

In a Bible dialogue through Matthew 10, 13, and 18, disciples learn what it looks like to embrace their identity as Jesus’ representatives to the world and to one another; they spend time facing their fears, rejections and resentments. They eat together, fast together, minister together, and go on retreat together to allow God to transform us into His body- one full of unity, boldness, forgiveness, and truth.

The Doing

We focus on hewning our evangelism experiences and tools to become effective representatives of our Teacher, Jesus. We learn how to engage in a variety of different spiritual exercises, practices, and disciplines for the sake of letting God transform us in the deepest of places.

The Hope

Disciples will walk away from this leg of their journey with a grander vision of Jesus’ kingdom and their place in advancing it together with Him. They will gain greater wisdom and experience from engaging in intentional evangelism practices. They will learn how to practically cultivate a lifestyle of spiritual disciplines in community, and deal with some of their deepest fears and issues to become practically equipped for handling the difficulties that being on mission (and life) will throw at them.